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WazZzaY - Sklira (Ela Sto Gipedo) Official Music Video (ελα στο γηπεδο)

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#WAZZZAY #ελαστογηπεδο #SKLIRA #ELASTOGIPEDO Instagram - Spotify - Facebook - TikTok - Join "Sklira F.C." - Director: Vangelis Tsakas Assistant Director: Eleni Lazarides Director of Photography: Fanourios Kazakis Camera Assistant: Stelios Panousis Edit: Vangelis Tsakas Drone Operator: Stelios Panousis Backstage Photographer: Aggelos Borlokas Filming Equipment: DK Rental House Athens Music Produced by: Dose Beats Recorded by: Jürgen Blömke Mix and Mastered by: Georg Müller (
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