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SPACES #1 | 8 films inspired by the book "Species of Spaces" by G. Perec and the days of quarantine

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In “Spaces #1”, 8 beloved Greek directors shot, after commissioning by the Festival, a short film at home, making their own timely comment on the new reality that we live in. The idea is to create a film at home, using the environment, the people or the animals in that space. The only outdoor areas that may be used are outdoor living spaces, such as the terrace, the garden, the balcony and the stairwell. The films are directed by: Rinio Dragasaki, Marianna Economou, Giorgos Georgopoulos, Zacharias Mavroeidis, Minos Nikolakakis, Stavros Pamballis, Stavros Psillakis, Syllas Tzoumerkas. All the directors are award-nominees...
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