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Marek PASIECZNY | ANAMNESIS IV: After Tōru Takemitsu (for two guitars) feat. Hervé Dubois

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album /score /streaming: Marek Pasieczny & Hervé Dubois (guitars) | recorded in Vevey, Switzerland; at the Salle Del Castillo, October, 2019 M. Pasieczny plays on: 'Mehliana' op. 377 by Philip Woodfield | Strings: EJ46FF Carbon D'Addario // H. Dubois plays on: Andrea Tacchi (2011), Savarez strings ANAMNESIS 既往歴 IV After Tōru Takemitsu 武満徹 の後 (version for two guitars: 2019, ~二つのギターのために, 2019) I. Spaciously, 広大な空間 II. Slightly faster, 少しだけ速く III. With more movement, より動きを持って ANAMNESIS IV has been commissioned by and composed for 'The Rencontres Guitares de Bulle' - 2019 | Switzerland | -------------------------------------- About The Piece: From...
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