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Παύλος Τριποδάκης - διαΣΤΑΥΡΩΣΗ || Pavlos Tripodakis - CROSSroad (English Subs)

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On July 23rd 2018, the tragedy caused by the wildfires in Neos Voutzas, Mati and Rafina, just outside of Athens, stopped at the walls of a church. This church was the church of the Ascension of Jesus Christ in Diastavrosi, in Rafina. One year after the disaster, many fire-ravaged people still put their faith and hopes around this church, as the parish, through volunteers and donors is continuous and still ongoing. Through this tragedy, a new life begins for them, full of hope. Directed and Written by: Pavlos Tripodakis Pavlos Tripodakis Filmography Orchestral Music by: Dimitris Bimplis & Florence...
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