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Natassa Bofiliou - Wonderwall (Grecospectiva)

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Natassa Bofiliou - Wonderwall Originally performed by Oasis (1995) Written by Noel Gallagher Arranged, produced & programming by ELIOT Piano by Lia Hide Bass by Aki’Base Drums by George Rados Keys and additional vocals by ELIOT & Lia Hide Kids Choir: Panagiotis, Jerry, Evgenia, Nefeli, Christina, Eleni, Nicoletta, Anna, Dimitra, Dionisia, Dafni, Mariza, Sofia #Grecospectiva Popular Music through the eyes of contemporary Greek Artists Amour Records brings together the crème-de-la-crème of Greek producers, singers, songwriters, and musicians in a brand new portfolio: Grecospectiva. Starting off with the beloved 90s, 14 artists join forces in this compilation, the very first of...
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