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Manu Chao - Bloody Bloody Border (Lyric Video)

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Manu Chao - Bloody Bloody Border (Lyric Video) Listen to Bloody Bloody Border: ________________________ Video Direction: Femme Fatale Studio Head of creation : Arnaud Desjardins Artistic director & motion design: Benjamin Tordjmann ________________________ Bloody Bloody Border Written by Manu Chao Published by Radio Bemba Produced by Manu Chao and Renaud Letang Mixed by Renaud Letang ________________________ Released in 1998, at the cross-fade of the millenium, many senses with Clandestino, Manu Chao’s first solo album, a celebration and defence of the displaced and immigrants, that mixed a European and South American perspective in an era of more globalised pop music....
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