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Još ne sviće rujna zora - Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra - Sava Centar - Beograd

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Live broadcast by RTS, National Serbian TV, for our concert on May 22nd 2018 in Sava Centar (Beograd) , capturing all the magic that was created by Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra during our 2018 tours, presenting our last album, AVO KANTO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Još ne sviće rujna zora" ... Traditional Montenegrin song that talks about the death of a beloved one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenography: Marija Kovačević Sound Design: Ljubinko Gordić Sound Postproduction: Dejan Vozlić Video Assembly: Jezdimir Bjeličić Thanks to all the those involved! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out our concert agenda to see if we drop by near: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on:...
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