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The Herouni Antenna - The Death of the Big Bang!

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Professor Arevik Sargsyan Assoc. Professor of NPUA, President of AE&LLL Association, Director of ARLIAN LLC. E-mail addresses: Key paper relative to the self noise at 8mm: P. Herouni, Measured Parameters of Large Antenna of ROT-54/2.6 Tell about Absence of Big Bang Journal of Astrophysics: Reports. — National Academy of Sciences of Armenia 2007, v. 107, no. 1. 73-78. P. Herouni, About Self Noises of Radio-Optical Telescope ROT-54/2.6 Antenna. Journal of Applied Electromagnetism. Athens. 1999, v. 2, No. 1, 51-57. The aforementioned paper by Professor Herouni has just been reinstated as item 7 (the last) in JAE V.2., N.2...
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