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David Gilmour - Cry From The Street (1978) legendado

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David Gilmour ‎– David Gilmour 1978 (Columbia ‎- CK 35388 - Best Value Series - 1984). Animação surreal incrível, excelente! : "SOMEWHERE" by Liu Song (, o mesmo autor da excepecional animação: "Haven of Peace" ( Band: Bass – Rick Wills; Drums, Percussion – Willie Wilson; Guitar – David Gilmour; Vocals – David Gilmour, Rick Wills; Backing Vocals – Carlena Williams, Debi Doss, Shirley Roden; Keyboards,– David Gilmour; Cover Design – Hipgnosis. "SOMEWHERE" by Liu Song Life is a journey and not a destination . A man surrounded by architectural wonders reaches the ends of nothingness. “Something I cannot touch...
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