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From Stardust to Infinity III

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This is the final chapter of the trilogy "From Stardust to Infinity". A 4' movie, which consists of 31 timelapses, most of them created in 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timestamps of some of the observed phenomena 00:17 – Lenticular clouds 00:20 – Atmospheric optical phenomena (solar halo, parhelic circle, parhelia, upper tangent arc, Parry arc) 00:26 – Right parhelion during sundown 00:33 – Parhelia, contrail from a passing plane 00:41 – Sunset with parhelia 01:12 – Storm front (gust front to be precise on this) 01:18 – Asperitas clouds with their typical wavy look 01:22 – Sunset reflections on Patraikos gulf, as...
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