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Dephosphorus - Impossible Orbits FULL ALBUM (2017 - Death Metal / Grindcore / Black Metal)

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Deathgrind with black metal and hardcore punk touches (or astrogrind, as they call their music) from Athens, Greece since 2008. This is the band's third full length album. Released on June 2017 by Selfmadegod Records (CD + digital format). Tracklist: 01.[00:00] Above The Threshold 02.[03:18] Micro-Aeons Of Torment 03.[06:25] Rational Reappraisal 04.[09:24] Αστερόσκονη (Asteroskoni) 05.[12:03] Impossible Orbits 06.[13:33] Imagination Is Future History 07.[16:28] The Light Of Ancient Mistakes 08.[19:28] Suspended In A Void Universe 09.[21:14] Blessed In A Hail More info at: -- Dephosphorus -- -- Selfmadegod Records --
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