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Radiohead - Give Up the Ghost (Aww Shit) – Live in Berkeley

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Radiohead – Give Up the Ghost – U.C. Berkeley, Live, 4-18-17, front row, Greek Theatre. ~2:10, Thom Yorke: Aww sheeeeit… lol Then it gets looped into the song and cracks Thom up! ~3:26. Cochella's aliens struck again! :P Other Tidbits: Looks like Jonny Greenwood pranked Thom by including the 'Oh Shit' into the loop, which made Yorke buckle over with laughter, lol. Second night of two sold-out shows, performing at Coachella in between. For the 1st weekend, the band had major audio problems, including a complete sound dropout and several bursts of violent feedback, leading Yorke to joke: “Fuckin’ aliens...
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